Student Affairs and Athletics Committee

The purpose of the Student Affairs and Athletics Committee is to oversee the College’s activities relating to the wellbeing of its students and student athletes, as well as monitor the various intercollegiate programs. The Committee is responsible for:

  • ensuring that the Board is informed on policies governing the entire range of student and student athlete engagement and recommending policy changes to the Board for review;
  • reviewing periodically policies affecting students including, but not limited to, student health and welfare, residence life, career services and job placement, student development, counseling and substance abuse, student honor and conduct systems, campus social, cultural and recreational programs, and critical incident response planning;
  • monitoring the overall success and condition of the varsity programs;
  • providing advice and assistance to the College President and the Athletics Director in the selection of varsity head coaches;
  • monitoring and reviewing various fees, charges and physical facilities associated with the student experience and athletic program; and
  • providing reports, as it deems appropriate, to the Administration and the Budget, Finance, and Facilities Committee.

At its regularly scheduled meetings, the Committee may hear from and discuss with student and student athletes’ leaders, including, but not limited to, the President of the Student Government Association (or its representative), the President of the Graduate Student Association (or its representative), and the President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (or its representative).