Budget, Finance and Facilities Committee

The purpose of the Budget, Finance and Facilities Committee is to oversee the allocation of the College’s financial resources and monitor the near-and long-term capital plans, to include the funding of each plan for the continual improvements to the College’s physical campus. The committee is responsible for:

  • monitoring financial performance;
  • reviewing annual and long-range operating budget and presenting the budget to the Board for consideration;
  • reviewing and recommending to the Board requests and plans for borrowing;
  • ensuring that accurate and complete financial records are maintained;
  • recommending funding options for facility construction/acquisition plans;
  • ensuring that timely and accurate financial information is presented to the Board;
  • ensuring proper construction, maintenance, and preservation of the College’s facilities and assets, including the proper preservation of its historic facilities;
  • oversight of the preparation, reviewing, accepting and implementing the College’s Master Plan;
  • monitors the implementation of technology throughout the College and works with the Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer on matters relating to Information Technology initiatives, projects and services to the College; and
  • reviewing policies regarding the enrollment.