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Student Affairs


The Student Affairs Committee shall review policies and activities of the Division of Student Affairs and be responsible for ensuring the Division successfully achieves the goals of the division and supports the College’s mission, goals, and strategic plans.

 The Committee shall have as its principal liaison with the College the Executive Vice President for Student Affairs. The Committee will meet on a regular basis with representatives of the student body, including the President of the Student Government Association (or their representative) and the President of the Graduate Student Association (or their representative). Both Presidents will attend all quarterly meetings of the Student Affairs Committee and all quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees. In addition, both presidents (or their representative) deliver brief State-of-the-Student Body remarks at each quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees during the Student Affairs Committee Report.

The duties of the Student Affairs Committee include:

  • Ensuring that the Board is informed on policies governing the entire range of Student Affairs.
  • Reviewing periodically policies affecting students including but not limited to student health and welfare, residence life, student development, counseling and substance abuse, student honor and conduct systems, campus social, cultural and recreational programs, and critical incident response planning.
  • Reviewing, when appropriate, the fees and rates recommended by the Administration and the Budget and Finance Committee for major student services, including health and residence life.
  • Making recommendations, when appropriate, to the Facilities Committee about major capital improvement projects for Student Affairs facilities.
  • Making recommendations, when appropriate, to the Development Committee about capital fund-raising campaigns for Student Affairs programs and facilities.